World Diabetes Day 2016


Message of President

Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan League for the Fight against Diabetes, celebrates :

The World Diabetes Day
in Dakhla, on 11, 12 and 13 November 2016.

We are particularly honored by this Royal High Solicitude which shows the great interest accorded by His Majesty the King to the problems of Health and Non Communicable Diseases including Diabetes.

This year, this celebration is distinguished by several factors:

- The participation and active involvement of the International Diabetes Federation of the MENA, the Francophone African Diabetes Society, the African Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition, the Moroccan Ministry of Health and the National Concil of the National Order of Physicians.

- A rich scientific program, with the presence of Experts from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the involvement of all Moroccan University Hospital Centers.

We are also honored by the participation of Prof. Claude Jaffiol, President of the French Academy of Medicine who has kindly accepted our proposal to be Honorary President of the Congress with Prof. Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah, former Minister of Health and former President of the House Parliament of Councillors.

As announced in the program, Scientific Activities and the Session on the Right of people with diabetes will be held at Palais des Congrès in the city of Dakhla.

On the other hand, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Regional Director and the Provincial Delegation of Health of Dakhla, the Regional Academy of Education and Training in the Region of Dakhla - Oued Ed-Dahab: the Education, Awareness and Screening for Diabetes and Hypertension, and a Vaccination Campaign against Influenza for people with Diabetes and the general population of the Province and its Region, will take place at Hassan II hospital in Dakhla.

Strong events were organized by the Moroccan League for the Fight against Diabetes, including the organization of various international conferences (Mediterranean Conference of Nutrition in 1997 in Rabat, the Pan African Congress of Diabetology in Casablanca in 2003, the International Diabetes Symposium in Rabat in 2013 and in Marrakech in 2015), different national and Maghreb events on Diabetes and Nutrition.

It's with pride that we chose the city of Dakhla, Pearl of our Southern Provinces and the Moroccan door to Africa, to celebrate World Diabetes Day and host this first event of its kind in Diabetology in the Region.

With the multiple national and international meetings organized in the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Region, the city of Dakhla becomes increasingly the illustration of the strong attachment of Morocco in its African roots, without forgetting its place in the MENA Region and its growing links with Europe.

Moreover, major projects and those made recently launched in our southern provinces by His Majesty the King, the exceptional nature and the legendary beauty of Dakhla, which we must mention the great world event of the Cop 22 on the environment that Marrakech houses at the same time, give this choice all its value.

In this regard, we would like to warmly thank for their support and encouragement, the Ministry of Health, the National Council of the National Order of Physicians, the Wali of the Region Oued Ed-Dahab Dakhla, the Local Authorities of the Region and all those who work for the success of this event.

We are looking forward to meet you in Dakhla.

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